450,000 miles traveled, 75 countries explored, 12,432 days of adventure lived, our journey continues…

SHONKAFILMS is a Sophisticated Production Company. Ideal to showcase who and what your brand truly means, straight and to the point.

Take a southern gentlemen raised with a genuine heart, a passionate son of a bitch who obsesses over the little things. Put him in a room with a few like minded, give them just a little and let them show you what they are made of. Put them in a room with a lot and get the hell out of their way because they are about to change the world.

Remember Steve Jobs mantra? Well we are the crazy ones, the rebels, the troublemakers, we do see things differently and we don’t give a damn about the status quo. You can’t ignore us because we change things.

WE create WE inspire WE draw WE direct WE shoot WE edit WE work on a team and together WE make magic…

one day this will be done…

Steve Wozniack LEGEND

well put… GO CUBA

Branding Infinite Hero Foundation

We just helped the INFINITE HERO FOUNDATION develop their Brand Story.

Infinite Hero Foundation funds programs that drive innovation and accessibility of effective treatments for military heroes and their families dealing with service-related mental and physical injuries.



Jim Janard / Legend

Many of you know that I started Oakley with $300. Well… that was quite a 30 year ride. Incredible actually…

But I have to say that I have never had so much fun since I starting RED.

This ride is hard to describe. It trumps all others. And nothing is close.

At Oakley… we had an incredible fan base. Still do. At RED… we have an INCREDIBLE fan base! One that inspires us to do our best work times forever.
I just found this on www.reduser.net / pretty epic…

The competition at Oakley was strong. RayBan. Vuarnet. A hundred others. The competition at RED is Sony, Arri… BIG guys. Really BIG guys. And a ton more. Competition on steroids.

There is nothing like real competition to help you decide who you are. Can you lead? Or do you follow? What is the future? Do you define it? Or do you just sink in the abyss of history?

We work 24 hours a day to serve our customers and attempt to deliver the future. When you Google “you have to kill us to beat us”… RED should be the 1st thing you see. If not, Google sucks.

My life has been dedicated to making a difference and delivering the future. You get to decide if we pass or if we fail.

Bring it.


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